As a mother of a small child, the thought of not bearing witness to the life of my daughter as she grows older and becomes the person she was always meant to be can, at times, leave me feeling breathless. And it’s heartbreaking that some of us indeed never learn about the lives of our parents. My own grandmother died before I thought to ask questions about her intriguing past, and it’s something I have often regretted. That’s why this book is such a gift. Me & You offers the necessary space and suggestions to note down our innermost thoughts and dreams for our children. The value of this is immeasurable. With all the modern technologies we have access to you would think we’d be able to provide more records than ever for our children. But somehow, we are not always doing this. I haven’t printed a photograph in over four years, which seems nothing short of a travesty. Are we busier than previous generations, far too busy to document things? I don’t know about you, but I think I’d best remedy this – before it’s too late.

I hope you find joy in the pages of this beautiful book, and it helps fire your best memories of childhood. Perhaps it will even bring back recollections of all the years leading up to now with wonderful clarity, and sow the seeds for your own memoir.

Writing teachers often suggest we address our writing to a specific person, to make the process of unlocking creativity an easier one. And who better to do that for – who more emotive and ever-inspiring – than our children? You might even be surprised at what you find emerging from the pen, and come to know yourself and the history of your life a little more in the process.

Happy writing – I hope Me & You inspires you to create a treasure trove of memories

your loved ones will pass down for generations to come.


Kelly Doust

(Author of The Crafty Minx, A Life in Frocks: a memoir and various other titles)