about the book

Nicolle was only seven years old when her Mother died from cancer.

Left with the emptiness of unexplained photographs and flashes of tightly held memories, Nicolle was old enough to remember but not old enough to fill in the gaps.

As a mother of two young daughters, her own mortality and its possible affect on her girls hit. Not wanting to replicate this gap for her own children, Nicolle started her me and you journey.

“Life is fragile. It’s easy to take your life for granted. We get caught up in our everyday world, doing our everyday things. Often we don’t take the time to talk, share our stories, our dreams and our memories with those we love.”

“I would be devastated if I left this world without sharing my life and memories with my girls. To share my life experiences and pass on my legacy, stories and hopes to them.”

Me and You helps you live life in the now, appreciate what you have every day and treasure those you love.

Take nothing for granted... start sharing your stories, memories, dreams and hopes for your daughter with this special keepsake book.